Chained (EP)

by Shadecrown

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released November 8, 2013



all rights reserved


Shadecrown Viitasaari, Finland

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Track Name: Far Off Innocence
I knew this day would come
but I kept deceiving myself
What was real, what was not
Who cares anymore

Ghost love
Hollow promises
Lust controlled chaos
Almost lost everything
for living through you

Never really trusted you
and now I can´t even trust myself

Blame me for all
Tear me apart with your
so called perfection
Pretend to be
so fucking innocent

No more pathetic excuses
Let´s be honest for once
Here we are both
far off innocence

Here we are
too far off innocence
We can´t return
These lives cannot be reconciled
Track Name: Tear-Stained Heart
Never learned to live without,
without failing in the end

Never learned to be the one,
the one worth hold on to

Tear-stained heart
Clean yet heavy to carry
but still I would rather
suffer from your last touch
than forget the days before

Tear-stained heart
Without it I cannot live
With it I am not enough

Again life´s embrace was but
another path to dead end

Enter my tear-stained heart
Feel my pain, see you in me
Track Name: Longing For Sleep
Another life has ended
Sorrow's wearing your name
Cannot tolerate the loss

Much has changed
since the rain fell down on me
Im losing my will to live

Cannot sleep within these walls
where I´m alone
Cannot sleep with these memories

I am Longing for sleep
to ease this pain
Cease it just for awhile

Dont want to see
this world through tears
Track Name: Drown Pain Drown
Let my heart grow cold
Cherish my decadence
Drown pain drown
Drown pain drown

Without the sun
I fear what I may become
What do I fill
this emptiness with?

Raise a glass to nothingness
Wounds healed with
a poison so sweet

Let me drown deeper
where beauty of darkness
conceals the pain

Take me there
Take me where I
fear no more /feel the pain no more

Chained to scars I bear
How deep will I fall?
Drown pain drown
Drown pain drown